Meribel-Mottaret was carefully designed to provide residences with an easy access to the slopes. As a result, most of them have actually a ski-in/ski-out location from the ski lockers to the world’s largest ski area!
A slope runs all the way from le Hameau (at the top of Mottaret) to Méribel centre and through Meribel-Mottaret centre, to allow you to meet your friends along the way.
A free lift, the teleporte des chalets, runs from Mottaret centre to Le Hameau.
The bus from Moutiers train station usually stop at the following bus stops : Office du Tourisme, Chatelet, Teleporte and Le Hameau.

Mottaret neighbourhoods

Meribel-Mottaret is composed of 2 main areas: Le Laitelet (on your right at the round-about when you enter the resort) and Le Chatelet (straight ahead at the round-about, after passing the tunnels).
The different neighbourhoods stretch between 1700 and 1800m-high. The residences are usually on the slopes and the road access are at the back, which offers both convenience and comfort, an unmatched advantage in the 3 Valleys.
  • Mottaret centre is the lower part of the Laitelet and is the heart of Mottaret with its many shops and restaurants.
    First station of the Teleporte des Chalets.
    Bus stops: Office du tourisme, Orionde.
  • Le Laitelet is the name also used to designate the area from Mottaret centre to le Hameau. Mainly composed of residences, this area is linked to Mottaret centre and Le Hameau by a series of stairs, the teleporte and the bus.
    Middle station of the Teleporte des Chalets.
    Bus stops: Teleporte, Proveres, Laitelet.
  • Le Hameau is located at the top of the resort. It hosts a commercial area with shops and restaurants. During high season, there is also a cashier selling ski passes directly there.
    Last station of the Teleporte des Chalets.
    Bus stops: Arolles, Le Hameau.
  • Le Chatelet is separated from Le Laitelet by the slopes. It features several shops and restaurants as well as the kindergarten. You also have a direct access to the cross-country skiing slopes. The path also gives direct access to Tueda Lake, where you will find a restaurant and a refuge-restaurant a bit further up.
    Bus stop: le Chatelet.
Map of Méribel Mottaret
Picutre-map of the resort


Moving within the resort

Being well-informed to avoid worries.

By car
When the road is dry, it is quite easily to drive in Meribel-Mottaret. However, it is always much easier to use the free buses.
If the roads get snowy or with splashy snow, do not attempt to drive unless you are equipped with snow tyres or chains. Always remember that when you start thinking that you need to put your chains on, it is usually too late! Not only will you block the traffic, but you also risk to be injured by the other vehicles which will have to pass you.
The day before departure, if the temperature is cold and you have not started your car for several days, do not forget to start the engine. If your battery shows signs of weakness, contact a mechanic. It is better to do so a day before leaving than once the car is fully loaded.

Car parks
You will find uncovered car parks around the residences. They are free (except the ones under the agency). During busy periods, unload your luggage by the residence, park your car on a parking space, leave it for the rest of the week and use the free buses to go around the resort.
There is a covered parking space with CCTV up in Le Hameau. If you plan on using your car during the week, go first by foot inside the parking to get the dedicated weekly tickets that allows to go in and out as often as you want. Otherwise, if you take a ticket directly at the barrier, it will cost you more each time you come in and out.
Our agency also rents covered parking spaces, contact us for more information.
By bus
A free shuttle service is provided between the different parts of Meribel Valley, from the village of Les Allues up to Mottaret and le Belvedere, on Meribel side.
There are 4 lines :
Line A : the village line, from les Allues to Meribel centre, through all the villages along the main road and Meribel-Village.
Line B : a small line between le Rond-point-des-pistes and le Belvedere.
Line C : the line from Meribel centre to Altiport, through the upper neighbourhoods of Meribel
Line D : the Mottaret line, leaving from Meribel centre to Le Hameau, through all the stops of Mottaret.

From 8.20am to 8pm, they usually run every 20-30 minutes.
From 8pm to 11.30pm, every hour.
Rush hours are from 4.30pm to 8pm, when everyone wants to get back home.
Ask the timetable when you arrive at the agency or at the tourist office.
Taxi and lifts

There are several taxi and transport providers in the resort. However, you cannot hail a taxi in the street: you either find them at the taxi stations (especially at la Chaudanne and Meribel centre). In Mottaret, they is an office next to the bus stop of « Office du Tourisme ».
We recommend that you call them and book them in advance, especially during high season. During school holidays, for any transfer, you need to book way ahead, at least 2 months before your arrival. Agence Saulire can assist you for that. Contact us for any further details.
There is a lift linking Mottaret centre, the middle part of Le Laitelet and Le Hameau areas. It is called « téléporté des chalets » and usually runs from 8.45am to 7.30pm.

Skiing in meribel Mottaret

Discover all the benefits of a ski-in/ski-out resort!
The greatest advantage of Meribel-Mottaret is its ski-in/ski-out location. Almost all the residences are located on the slopes or are easily accessible from them. A privilege you won’t forget!
Some residences are not ski-in/ski-out but located 300m for maximum from the slopes.
You’re not only at the heart of the world’s largest ski area, your residence is also on the edge of it!
To best enjoy your holidays
  • Listen to R’Meribel (FM 98.9)
    Every morning, tune in to R’Meribel! All the latest news and information about slopes’ and lifts’ opening, the weather forecast and snow conditions in both French and English.
  • Choose your time to go skiing
    If you can, avoid going skiing from 9.30am and 10.30am as it may be more crowed. The lifts are really modern in the 3 Valleys so you rarely have to wait a long time for your lift but from 12pm to 2pm, you are sure to ski in serenity.
  • Do not get lost on the slopes
    Slopes map are available at the lift passes cashiers, at the start of the lifts (you can request the staff if you cannot see any) and in many shops. You will get all the relevant information about the slopes (difficulty: from the easiest to the most difficult – green, blue, red and black).
    The great panels down the lifts give you extra information about the freshly-groomed slopes, those which are closed, the lifts with delayed openings etc. You can alternatively download for free the Meribel App on the AppStore or AndroidMarket.
    If you go skiing in Courchevel or Les Menuires/Val Thorens valleys, do not forget to check when the last gondolas can take you back to Meribel and make sure to plan to arrive in advance not to miss it. That could save a taxi ride!
  • Putting your gears on
    Before you rush to the slopes, check carefully the temperature outside, the weather expected for the day and dress up accordingly. Remember that it is often better to wear several thin layers rather than a heavy jumper! Best way to check: get dressed and spend 10minutes without moving on your balcony! Pay special attention to the kids and do not forget to equip them with a helmet, which is a compulsory equipment (around €12/week in ski shops).
    Please remember that toddlers and babies are not to be taken with you on the slopes, especially on a baby-sling!
    Before the first ride, do not forget to check your bindings and skis to anticipate any fall and technical problem.
Estacion de Esqui Meribel Mottaret - foto aérea centro
Estacion de Esqui Meribel Mottaret - Agence Saulire - Pistas
Estacion de Esqui Meribel Mottaret - Agence Saulire - Barrio Chatelet
Estacion de Esqui Meribel Mottaret - Agence Saulire - Esqui con amigos
Estacion de Esqui Meribel Mottaret - Agence Saulire - Restaurante Terraza - Plan des Mains
Estacion de Esqui Meribel Mottaret - Agence Saulire - Freestyle esqui nieve polvo
Estacion de Esqui Meribel Mottaret - Agence Saulire - Terraza Sol Relajamiento
Estacion de Esqui Meribel Mottaret - Agence Saulire - Hamaca en las pistas Espacio Ludico
Estacion de Esqui Meribel Mottaret - Agence Saulire - Hockey Juego Pista de hielo

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